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Flag Dialog(08-12-2008)
CSE Flag Dialog v.1.1 GUI Dialog for user input CSE Flag Dialog makes a GUI dialog to select from options of diverse types (checkboxes, radiobuttons, text-inputs and popup lists). Some options can be linked, i.e. be mutually exclusive or be only enabled according to the value of another option.
It is an extension of CSEOptionDialog.

Features and Usage out = CSEFlagDialog(items)
out = CSEFlagDialog(items, titl...
Program Statistics(08-12-2008)
Program_statistics v.1 Statistics about multi-file programs This simple m-file compiles some statistics about a program.A report is printed; statistics can be returned in structure. The statistics include:number of files,number of functions and GUIDE-related functions,number of lines, words and characters,number of page to print out the whole program. Features and Usage program_statistics(direct)
stats = ...
SQL Library(08-12-2008)
CSE SQL Database Library 1.0/1.5b An SQL Database access library for Matlab Ever needed to access an SQL database from Matlab? This library fulfill this purpose with a short and simple collection of m-files.

Why a database Library for Matlab? It has been implemented because the database toolbox of Mathworks requires to have databases registered in the "ODBC Data...
Triangular Random(08-12-2008)
TriRnd v.2.0 Triangular random numbers This simple m-file generates discrete random numbers from a triangular distribution.
The distribution is defined by:a minimum and a maximum valuea "top" value, with the highest probability. The distribution is defined with zero probability at minVal-1 and maxVal+1, and with highest probability at topVal. Hence every value in the range (including the maximum and minimum values) have a non-zero proba...
WebBot v.2.0 Internet page analysis/download utility This function is a Java-based "web browser" that extract all links from a web-page, and display them. The resulting documents can be downloaded. Its conception can be used as a basic example for using the Java Class, as well as PERL-originating regular expressions.

Content and usage webbot(URL)URL is a...
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