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The basic system
The principle behind CSE CMS is quite simple:

After installing the script, you just create at the root level as many folders as languages you would like to support.

For example, assume you want english and french: - home directory - home for the english part - home for the french part

Now within those folders you build you site by placing folders for the desired content categories.

For example, in the english part: - content category titled "Fractals" - subcategory of "Fractals" titled "Mandelbrot" - subcategory of "Fractals" titled "Julia Sets" - content category title "Travels"

Now you place in the folders your text documents (html) containing the effective content.

For example, in the Travels: - a text file that describes you trip to the Taj Mahal - another text file that describes you 3 day-hop in Beijing

Each of those text file contains in html the actual content of the page, for example in My_trip_to_India:
I traveled a <i>long</i> time before I arrived in the airport of <a href=>Mumbai</a>.<br> The climate was....

That's all, CSE CMS has enough to publish a website!
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