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As an example, take this website presenting CSE CMS.

One picture is worth 1000 words, so here is simply a partial capture of the directory structure.

That's basically it. From this structure, the website is dynamically generated. Easy, no?

The major features of CSE CMS are the following: Generate blog-like content list of your directories, Generate pages using the file content in the main body of text, Supports multi-language websites natively, Offer search capacity, including full-text (full-text is slow for large websites, however), Generate a dynamic table of content, Supports a very limited user management system for limited-access parts of a website, While it is recommended to u...
Non Features(18-01-2009)
There are a couple of usual features that have been purposefully not included in CSE CMS, not because of lazyness, but because, for the author's puprpose, they were not desired.
These features include, but are not limited to:
Automatic registration - there is no form to register to the site. An admin has to add the names and password. Syndication - not possible to generate a syndication stream. If your website is that lively, then you need ...
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