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CSE Content Management System
CSE CMS is a Content Management System.

A content management system is a software that allows to easily manage the content of your website, organizing the structure, generating automatically the layout for your documents in order to let you concentrate on the essential: the content itself.

There are already numerous CMS available on the web, and among them, the most famous are even freewares: Joomla, Mambo, etc...
Most of them have a database as backend, and forms on an administrative section to enter and manage your content. This is certainly the most effective way to realize a powerful CMS, allowing for effective search and combinations. However, most of them are packed with features and can quickly become difficult to use.

The motivation to realize CSE CMS was the following: the aim is to have a very intuitive, no-brainer CMS that has no database backend, and no learning curve. Therefore it just relies - like most humans do - on the folder structure for the organization of information. Going as fas as using "user-friendly" easy to remember URLs, which has the positive side effect to improve the referencing by popular search engines like Google.

This has been realized, and while being very easy to use (basically you need to be able to use a FTP software and that's it), it comes at a cost: it will quickly become highly uneffective for large website (mostly the search engine), has comparatively a very limited set of feature and of options. Another big drawback is that as the internal links are not generated based on database records, if you move some pages, the link will not be updated automatically.

But for the purpose of a "personal website", it may be enough...

Read the The basic system or have a look at the main features or specific assistance.
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