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AJAX Demo(17-01-2009)
An example of the AJAX implementation proposed here (with some slight changes).

Search a name Name:

You can test it easily by typing...
AJAX Implementation(17-01-2009)
The Javascript

The necessary javascript is available CSE_ajax.js.

It is implemented as an object, CSE_ajax, with the following functions: which does the whole AJAX procedure, CSE_ajax.getProperty() which reads the property of an object on your page (an input field, a text field, anything), All the other functions are used internally and need not be...
AJAX Introduction(17-01-2009)
What is AJAX

AJAX is a cool name for a very simple technique: asynchronous server requests. Which is again a complex name to say: possibility after a webpage has been loaded to make requests to the server. The main use is for forms that can submit data to the server and display results without requiring the whole page to be reloaded. This is on one hand quicker, as only key information are transmitted, and not the whole data that did not change, and on the other hands look...
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