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Plastic Arts
3D Rendering(16-06-2019)
Another form of computer-generated art is 3D-rendering.
Models are built, textures defined, and the computer calculates the resulting picture - which can be photo-realistic, or cartoonish.

Here some examples of webcomics (and one movie) rendered in 3D using VUE inspired by the LTFC (limit theory fan contest; also there are liste...
Mathematical art(05-12-2008)
Mathematics would be art?

Well that's an idea that most artistis would reject, and most scientists would accept!
Anyway Fractals are plesent to the eyes - and that qualifies them as art. So I provide some samples of nice pictures, even if the main interest of fractals is to explore them dynamically, which is possible thanks to the provided software to download (see in the Programming section).!
Fractals gallery(07-12-2008)
folderPicture Gallery
Mathematical Background (05-12-2008)
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