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Piano and other keyboards
What about some samples of the music I am playing? nobody has to like it, but I have a hell lot of fun playing it, so who cares if nobody is listening?


Well, I am basically a pianist, that means that as long as I play only piano, I get somewhere... even if the style probably pleases nobody but me.

As examples of "Classic jazz Piano", here are two samples:

The first is a "real" composition, recorded in the good old times with a tape and passed to the computer using the microphone (no jokes) so please excuse the quality (or the lack thereof): The piece is called "Moods", and was composed in 2003:

Then I got my new iMac, with GarageBand. So remaining in a similar style, but cheating (mixing in some loops, and mostly, making it a "5-hands" piece, here the result. This piece is called "Starshine", and is composed in 2006 (you may recognize the piece that welcomed you on loading this page):

Again in a similar style, using the drummer of Garageband for the rythm and some other instruments. This piece is called "Hope for change", and was composed in 2016:
Hope for change  

This time, completely different - let's go for a full orchestra! This piece has no name yet, and was composed in 2016:

And I cannot resist in adding a small sample of my former party-hit: a
Boogie Woogie  


Now you got this brilliant GarageBand, and you think you can make anything. Well, the answer's no. As soon as I dabble in other instruments the result is questionable...
Some pieces may be funny, but all are missing something - feel free to tell me what!

Some samples are given below without much further ado...
Praeludium  This one is almost audible, thanks to Bach.
Sample #1  Close to my usual things, but with drums and stuff.
Sample #2  Pretty bad... but I'am trying to be modern...
A Good Laugh  This one is supposed to be nothing but funny.
Sample #3  The first trial. Only loops, I had no keyboard connection.
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