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3D Rendering (16-06-2019)
Another form of computer-generated art is 3D-rendering.
Models are built, textures defined, and the computer calculates the resulting picture - which can be photo-realistic, or cartoonish.

Here some examples of webcomics (and one movie) rendered in 3D using VUE inspired by the LTFC (limit theory fan contest; also there are liste...
Real Webcomics(10-02-2009)
Comics are of course also an art-form.

I prefer fantasy genre, so here a short selection of the webcomics I am eagerly following (usually on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Only the Dreamland Chronicles is updated daily): The God of Arr-Kelaan Girl Genius The Dreamland Chronicles
Science Fiction Authors(30-08-2009)
My favorite authors of Science Fiction This document contains an uncomplete list of my favorite SF authors (books in english and french). The ranking is completely subjective, of course.
I gave some examples of my favorite books from those authors. This may be dramatically incomplete as I limited myself to usually a maximum of three books. Instead of single novels, some titles may be the title of a series.

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