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Cavin dot Name - Arts
Arts - What is a better proof of mankind's intelligence than art?
We are more than animals: we are potentially artists.
On this website, you will find lots of arts (when you cannot play with quality, play with quantity). Be it for your eyes with graphical arts, for your ears with music, or for your heart with poetry...

It is important no to hurt my feelings as artists, so please be gentle if you put any comment - you know how artists are (and I have many lawyers in my family!).

Select your favorite art form... and enjoy!
Poesy(01-09-2016) by L. Cavin
Poetry, playing with the language and the tones.
The perfectly civilised art form, that obviously can only reach perfection in your mother tongue.

So enjoy, in french, the works of the famous laurel garant: lg.

To give our english readers a fade taste of the deepness of laurel garant's works, here is an approximate translation of one of his most famous (awarded the internet top best text of 1999!) short poem:

cui cui
cot cot
tweet tweet
bok bok

While the profound feelings awakened by the french version may be lost in the english translation, the depth of the philosophical background can still be felt!

Piano and other keyboards(01-09-2016)
What about some samples of the music I am playing? nobody has to like it, but I have a hell lot of fun playing it, so who cares if nobody is listening?
"Classic"Well, I am basically a pianist, that means that as long as I play only piano, I get somewhere... even if the style probably...
Plastic Arts(01-09-2016)
There are some who can draw or paint. And others who can't.
But there is an escape: let the computer draw for you!
Architecture - A 3D City(01-09-2016)
Welcome to CSE CityScape!

CityScape is a VRML experience. The aim was to develop algorithms giving birth to a "credible" city layout without laying any stone explicitly.
With the exception of the City Hall, in the center of the map, all the buildings in the city are each tim...
Webcomics or books, what would be life without the mental escapes to imaginary words...
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