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The major features of CSE CMS are the following:
  • Generate blog-like content list of your directories,
  • Generate pages using the file content in the main body of text,
  • Supports multi-language websites natively,
  • Offer search capacity, including full-text (full-text is slow for large websites, however),
  • Generate a dynamic table of content,
  • Supports a very limited user management system for limited-access parts of a website,
  • While it is recommended to use a FTP software, there is a possibility to update the website via the CMS,
  • System can be increased with plug-ins,
  • AJAX wrapper (see below),
  • Site-wide statistics (incl. specific "bots" counting),
  • Built-in comment and contact forms.
  • Inline commenting on chosen pages.
All these features are available without requiring any knowledge of programming, nor any knowledge of HTML or other technical knowledge (assuming you generate your content in a software like Word).

As it relies on CSE Display for the generation of webpages, it also supports:
  • Flexible templates (organization of the page),
  • Information panels on side column(s) that the user can place/reduce at will,
  • Customizable Style Sheets (how does it look like),
  • Nested picture galleries,
All these features are available without requiring any knowledge of programming.
If the user has knowledge of the PHP programming language, it also supports AJAX natively. However, this is not a feature that can be used without writing code yourself.

You can proceed to a short Installation Instructions on how to set-up such a website with CSE CMS...
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